Form "B"
(Regulation 6)
Passport No: Date of Expiry: / /
Date of Issue: / / Place of Issue:
Details of previous passports held, if any:

  1. Name in full (Surname first):
    Name of father:

  2. Nationality:
    If naturalized, date and place of naturalization and former nationality:
    Date: / / , Place: ,
    Former Nationality:

  3. (a) Date of birth: / /
    (b) Place of birth:

  4. Civil Status:

  5. If married, where spouse is resident and full Postal Address:

  6. Applicant's height: feet , inches

  7. Any identification marks or peculiarites:

  8. Applicant's address:
    (a) Permanent:
    (b) During stay in
    Sri Lanka:

  9. Profession or Occupation:

  10. Name and Address of employer, if any:

  11. If in business, where is business:

  12. Whether previously in Sri Lanka? If so last place of residence and date of leaving:
    Place: , Date: / /

    Particulars of visa or residence permit last obtained:

    (a) If visa, give date of issue and period of validity:
    Date: / / , Period:
    (b) If residence permit, give date of issue, period of validity, permit no., and
    purpose of issue:
    Date: / / , Period: ,
    Permit No: ,

  13. Whether permission to visit Sri Lanka or to extend stay in Sri Lanka has been refused previously and if so, by whom and when or whether application has been made now or previously to any Sri Lanka visa office abroad? If so, full particulars and position of such application:

  14. Object of present visit:

  15. Route and mode of travel to Sri Lanka:

  16. Period for which visit visa is required:

  17. Name and address of
    (a) a person in Sri Lanka who can furnish information regarding applicant and security for maintenance and repatriation of the applicant, if so required:

    (b) a responsible person in applicant's own country who can furnish information regarding applicant:

  18. How much money will the applicant have with him or have available for himself on arrival in Sri Lanka?

  19. Any other reason to urge in support of application:

I hereby declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief the foregoing statements are true, that I shall not engage myself in any employment, paid or unpaid, on arrival in Sri Lanka and that I shall leave Sri Lanka before the date of expiry of the period of my authorized stay in the Island. I also undertake to notify the Controller of Immigration and Emigration, Colombo, immediately, any change of my address, while in Sri Lanka occurs.

Signature: ____________________ Date: ____________


  1. An application for a visit visa must be made at least one month before the date of intended travel.
  2. Fee for a visit visa for US Citizens is US $ 45.00 for every grant or issue. For non-US citizens the fee is charged on a reciprocal basis. Holders of diplomatic or official passports will be granted or issued visas free of charge.
  3. An applicant may be required to submit two copies of his photograph (passport size) for issue of visa.