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Atlas Services


(Example: We receive your package on Monday, or client walk-in, the passport will be ready for pick up (or shipping) on Wednesday afternoon (excluding federal holidays)

Passport Services (We are Los Angeles Passport Agency Registered Agents)

Passport Renewal Requirements - TWO (2) BUSINESS DAYS PROCESSING

Other Requirements:

  1. Authorization form (Two originals are required).
  2. $389.90 processing fee.
  3. $49.00 ($65.00 for off-shore and Saturday deliveries) for Federal Express return of your new passport.
  4. Select payment method and send or deliver your package to ATLAS SERVICES.
Please select the desired payment method...
    Pay using a personal check
    Pay using a credit card
    Temporarily unavailable

Please Read:
  • Prices are per person per passport.
  • We assist clients to obtain expedited passport renewals by using our daily submission slots allocated by the Passport Agency. These slots have monetary value and once used, or expired, or when you fail, for any reason, to provide additional documents in a timely manner (i.e. missing items like proof of travel, photos, etc.) to complete your case within the agreed upon time frame, these slots are gone and service fee cannot be refunded (The Passport Agency does not refund federal filing fees, but allows suspended application sufficient time to cure the deficiencies). The service fee is not transferable and submission slots cannot be stored/postponed for later use.
  • Due to the indivisible nature of this unique service and resources engaged, no refunds can or will be issued.
  • While at Atlas Passport and Visa Service (APVS) we process renewal requests right away you'll need to factor-in the time it takes to send your passport for processing and the time it takes the issued passport to be sent back to you. Normally, this process takes 3-4 days (does not apply to walk-in clients).
  • Allow yourself sufficient cushion time! Expedited passport processing service is time-sensitive and unforeseen issues can cause delays. The entire risk burden of accurate information on your application and other forms including data entry, writing of your full name, misspellings, marking or not marking the proper boxes, correct Social Security No., dates, etc. and resulting delays, are on you. Please know that all decisions including acceptance, denial, rejection, suspension, and additional supporting document(s) requests notices, or approval and issuance of passports, are solely and unilaterally made by the Passport Agency. We are not involved in decision-making or passport issuance process. Nor, the Government will entertain any out-of-guidelines submission requests through APVS. Beyond timely submission of application packages and subsequent pick up of issued passports, or timely communication of government notices to our clients, APVS, its employees, agents and affiliates, in no way, expressly or impliedly, make, or can make, any representations or guarantees regarding acceptance of documents, issuance of passports, amendments/modifications, or processing times, beyond or in addition to the information provided here. We are not responsible for delays caused by administrative errors/omissions, computer breakdowns, unexpected Agency closures/meetings, additional documents that the Passport Agency may require, misspelling of names, wrong dates, rejection/denial/suspension of applications. If your documents are in order, and absent any other issues, however, the passport should be issued promptly.
  • APVS is not responsible for mis-deliveries or delays caused by delivery companies.
  • All Express and Implied Warranties, Warranties of Fitness for Specific Purpose, and Incidental and Consequential Damage Liabilities arising out of, or attributable to this transaction, are hereby disclaimed.