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Atlas Services


Passport Services

Passport Renewal Requirements

Please provide the following:

  1. Your expired or about to expire passport.
  2. Two recently taken passport-type identical photos.
  3. A completed, signed and dated (USE BLACK PEN TO SIGN AND DATE) Passport Renewal application. Important Note: The Passport Agency requires that we submit executed/signed applications within FIVE (5) days of signing. Please Keep this in mind when sending your signed and dated applications for processing.(To return to Atlas web site, close screen after printing application).
  4. A copy of your airline ticket (showing departure within the next 15 days or sooner), or a travel itinerary, or a business letter requesting expedited processing.
  5. A check or money order for $170 payable to U.S. Department of the State. (Note: Effective 02/01/08 applicants may also apply for a "PASSPORT CARD." If applying at the same time with your renewal, just mark the corresponding box on application and add $30 to the filing fees. You may also use renewal application to apply for "PASSPORT CARD" separately. In this case, the filing fee for Passport Card is $90
  6. If you have had a name change, include a certified copy of your marriage certificate or court order reflecting the legal name change.
  7. Two completed and signed authorization forms (prepare two originals and use a black pen to sign and date).
Please select the desired number of processing days to view authorization form, additional requirements and fees...